Beautiful People


United States
39° 11' 38.706" N, 84° 27' 14.4756" W

I wonder what its like to be beautiful
To never worry about your hair
Your nails, Your make-up
I wish those pretty girl would just shut up
Bragging about their perfect boyfriends
Their parents, all their fake friends
When will it end?

They say beauty is on the inside
And it shines through
Well mine must be hiding
Behind steel doors and barbed wired fences
Bound by chains and guarded by rabbid dogs
When will it come?

It used to be there
In my youth i was a sight for sore eyes
Before middle school
Before puberty
Before highschool
Before the whispers
Before the rumors
Before the insecurities set in
And moved my beauty out of town
Where'd it go?



My first poem ever, and yes it was freestyled no writing just let my mind flow. ^_^

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