99% Chance of Lightning

He'll beat you with secrets

He'll be drunk off lies

You'd be a fool to fall into his trap


I know I cannot control you

Your life is yours to live

Experiment with your set of boys in

The lab that is high school

But what kind of sister am I

To let you play with

Such unstable elements


Out you walk into a raining world

With an umbrella in your hand

Whose purpose is to keep your pretty face dry

But along comes a storm

And your precious umbrella goes shut

You knew there was a storm tonight

Yet you're out here anyway

Risking getting shocked in this downpour

I thought you knew better, but

I don't even know who you are anymore


Gray skies, thunder rumbles

Lightning strikes, and there lies a girl

So young, too naive


No officer, that's not my sister


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