Time enchants her victim, begs me near to sharp being…
Wraps round frail shoulders as she tickles porcelain cheek.

Time whips me around, pulls me close, begins to sing.
A lone tear falls from cautious eye, it cries of truth unseen.

Yet in her plainest breath, the tear departs in haste,
Abandons her as a sneer spreads across her frigid face.
Time snarls and rears her head, cuts through with serpent tongue.
Her words mock in silence leaving victim quite undone.

She screeches in mine ear now of future dreams unkempt.
Of promises, of hope and love, she bids me to forget!
She grips me in her clutches, cackles echo through the night.
Time strips me of feeling, of certainty, of right.

She captures broken droplets, whimsical visions sought of she,
Time smirks as I bleed my soul out on her frozen street.

She now grips mine ear, lugs me back to ally, Past,
Time shrieks so loud even enemies can hear her bawls at last.
She teaches me of heartache, of hurt, of clemency.
She stabs deep to mine spirit, bids mine love to stop of she.

Though I cannot form the words, mine eyes begin to plead..
Yet her snorts seal the heavens as she drags her heavy feet.
Time ambles away; steps plug the hollow air,
My arms extended grasp her curls; I bid her to be fair.

Empty word escapes my mouth, yet deaf ears will not perceive
Mine lip begins to tremble for I’m wounded just as she.

I find myself discarded, trampled, broken to the bone,
Time left me on her rigid road, mine future still unknown.
I gaze down at broken spirit, mine soul aching at last,
Recalling fond memories when She smiled in my Past.



we are all prisoners to time.. we all beg for her to be fair to us, for her to love us in return.

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