I’ve seen apart of me I didn’t recognize.

Through my eyes I saw how my reactions to your actions, made me low, low point on the scale,

I’ve inhale, what you’ve exhaled to me.

I’ve misplaced my intake of the mistakes I’ve made.

I’ve been shut down, shut out.

I speak no words.

I hear the loudness of silence

This love is blind to a 20/20 vision of hate.

Loyalty is deaf to the untruthful words spoken.

You hurt me constantly, consistently, me, unknowingly

Being played, while you play your games,

Playing hearts, playing feelings,

My feelings.

Played like a toy, been bought, used, abused and tossed to the trash.

My ashes are put to rest.

I’m too old to tolerate the bullshit

Who do you think you are?

No one.

What gives you the right?


I don’t deserve endless tears, day by day anger and disappointments,

Waiting for you to change.

I’m impatiently impatient, so I don’t take being patient too patiently.

So I won’t be waiting too much longer,

Tick tock,

The clock ticks and ticks

And flicks my impatience button.

But I’ll try to wait, wait on you

Wait on change

That’s all I can do…is wait. 



This how i feel because i get so tired on waiting . I'm very impatient and i can totally relate to this poem .Your words can definitely impact my life with the message because i get so tired of waiting and that boy who knows how play with your emotions like you nothing . Just shows you that you are  worth more and you deserve more and some day you won't have to wait on change because someone else might be just right for you .keep your head up because you have to go though rain in order to see the rainbow 

thanks because you inspire me with this message just shows that I'm not alone 

check out my poetry and hopefully it inspire you like your poetry inspire me

keep up the good work 

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