Gold is God

Fri, 05/02/2014 - 19:21 -- EAnders


Gold is God

Worth more than us

Blood and bone

It's worth the loss

Gold is chum

Fed to the sharks

With gnashing teeth

Tearing us apart

Gold is a prison

To contain us all

Earn your place

And sell your soul

Gold is slavery

A whip in hand

Chains and irons

And gluttony demands

That Gold is a feast

For all the wicked

A driving force

For us to fill him

Gold is shit

Upon the masses

Lies in static

Thoughts drowned in acid

Gold is a curse

Fed through the screens

Giving us all

These wants and needs

Gold produces

And appeases our dreams

With falcities

That's the worst fucking thing

Cause gold is a drug

And we're all an addict

We worship it, love it

And we have to have it

Gold is God





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