You're Not like the Others...

You're not like the others.

You actually listen to me.

From the minute I had met you,

i'll admit, I was unsure where you would lead.



How can this situation go?

Maybe i'll have clarity, once you, I really get to know.

You are not like the others.

You have control over the things that you let suffer-

Yourself. Myself, will never let that be.

With you, you believe I should be.

Not even two days and I start developing feelings.

I've never experienced this type of-

Reeling, feelings I can't sort out.

All it does is make me think-

about the way things were at first...

Look at how things are right now.

I hope you don't look back, and wonder-

How you let yourself fall this hard, this deep.

Do you wish, in your mind, I wasn't yours to keep?

I wish I didn't have to make up my mind so fast.

Things the way they were.., I wanted them to last.

It's just I didn't know how to tell you at first.

Now I wonder if telling you now hurts worse.

I'm pretty sure, it's clear to me,

exactly what I wanted you to see.

I just wanted to be your friend.

I don't know though if i want that till the end.

Do you feel as if you are holding a dirty secret?

You're dying inside, you don't want to keep it?

I understand that feeling so I want you to know.

After I say this, if you want, I'll go.

I love you so much, undeniably.

Can't begin to explain, it's true; undefinably..

I believe if maybe we didn't move so fast,

Our relationship would be better and be promised to last.

I'm not saying it's your fault, nor is it mine.

It's just i miss you and think of you all of the time.

It kills me how you will never fully know,

How badly I want to be with you, but him, I can't seem to let go.

I love you a lot.

I love him too.

You've been in my life only a few days, and now i can't live without you.

I'm scared.

My whole worlds been thrown around.

Now it feels like slowly everything's smashing down.

I don't get a break ever from all of the stress.

I have so many problems, but you I still manage to impress.

It's shocking to me, because i've never been truly loved.

It's something i've been reading since age 5 and dreaming of.

Although unlike the fairytales, this dream doesn't have a happy ending.

I know you're not fine but you still assure me, you're pretending.

I can see it every time I look in your eyes.

It's like I got to know someone else.

You're in disguise.

I know you've opened up, and let me in.

You I have coplete confide in.

i odn't just let anyone get to know me.

If i beleieve they are bad i pretend not to be lonely.

You, from day one, i did that act.

i guess it weared off.

i started forgetting my lines, and telling-

You made me realise things about myself, that i never knew.

Being myself is something i just don't do.

I've never had an exception, EXCEPT, now there's you..

i never knew i could love someone like i love you.

i guess this is something i have to adjust to.

So if you me to go, i'm just glad you now know.

You'll never be like the others.

I truly love you... 



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