Torturous Classrooms

In this torturous classroom

I sit in row 5, seat 3

and to my right in row 4, seat 3

sits the most beautiful boy I've ever laid eyes on.

Every time we make eye contact

I feel a rush of warmth

but when I stumble on my words to him,

I feel guilty because


In this torturous classroom

behind me sits my former lover in row 5, seat 4

A year ago, I swore I would never speak to him again

But sadly, in these hallowed halls they call school

it's forced upon me


In this torturous classroom

Row 4, seat 4 is occupied by a girl I like to call "Plain Jane"

Yet everyone else seems to love her

especially the beautiful boy in row 4, seat 3


In this torturous classroom

A girl I once called my best friend sits in row 5, seat 2

And every time she jokes around with her current best friend (row 6, seat 2)

My heart breaks a little

much like the way it breaks when I see the way

the beautiful boy looks at Jane


In this torturous history classroom

all of the people who I have the most history with

sit within a 10-foot radius

Yet each day

we are forced to put a smile on 

and talk about historical events


And in this damned classroom

I don't understand how I'm supposed to learn about ancient history

when all these people are my history.


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