At My Prime

Every time I had to deal with your altitude

Every single problem ranges in amplitude

Breaking my barrier with your end behavior

No one stood to be my savior

Trapped in a void of anger and hate

Filled with a fury that nothing could sate

I cursed you to Eternal Damnation

Until I saw at my own transformation

I had become what I never wanted to be

The problem wasn’t you, it was me


I looked back at the mess I had wrought

And prayed for just a single sine

to atone for when I crossed the line

And hoped that not all was for naught

I ask myself “What is there to gain?”

Is it worth all the pain?



I had locked myself in chains

And while the work drains


I will not feign

I will stay sane

And ultimately reign

Your incredibly complicated domain


Finally, I broke out

In my head it was clear, no clout


They say God is impartial

Well, here is the real differential

Honestly, if I said it, my growth- exponential

I had unlocked my true potential

and the secret- confidential


With my tranquility and Zen

I tried again


It wasn’t so complex

It’s not a lie

It was easy as pie

Now I stand on the apex


Who else has reached a greater height?

With their own incredible might

Rocky Balboa? He’s just a sample

You’re looking straight at the prime example

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My country
Our world
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