The Unknown


I walk alone in love,

For what could love offer me?

It gives me not the breath I take,

Nor the food I eat,

Nor the sleep I rarely receive.


Nay. Love steals breath.

Steals ambition.

Steals sleep.


Love I need not.


I walk alone in dreams,

For no one could feel them as I do.

No one understand the passions of which

I so clearly speak,

yet keep to myself.


Their eyes look strangely upon me.

They do not understand,

For how can you be both closed off and expressive?

A walking contradiction,

Slowly closing in on itself,

Unable and unwilling

To go it anything but alone.


But yet, you exist.

You with your words of love

Spoken like arrows upon an enemy.


You with your looks of agitation,



Mean not what they mean,

But mean what they show.


Yet, I the contradiction, they call.


But you, who speaks of my dreams

As if they were your own,

Knows my passions,

As if you felt them yourself,

Hath found your way to my heart.


Wherefore it was through venom found,

You nor I may never know.

But you who cared the most

To try what no one else would nor wanted,

Have succeeded in obtaining

My hesitantly given affections.


Though I fear what I do not know,

And of love I know nothing,

I do know that I shall not

Face The Unknown alone,

For you’ll be at my side,

As ready as ever,

To catch me when I falter.


Thou hast made me speak truths

I never thought I’d be able to say,

And thou hast shown me love,

As I once thought no one ever could.


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