"Why i Am Angry !" ... Written by Big Virge 23/2/2005


United Kingdom

I have been asked

"Why my poetry is so angry ?"

It's ANGRY ...
because of things I see !!!

BROKEN Families ... MTV ...
Men who live to make money

People who
just stare at me ?!?

People who
Control My Week !!!

Corporate Thieves

RACIST Police !!!

Needless grief

People who act
like they can't see
problems in society !


YES Stupid Remarks
people make to me !

Adverts Selling ...

"50 Texts For FREE !"

Now this is one thing
that does anger me !

What really in life
is ever ... FREE ... ?!?

Women who think
that they should be
A Re-Incarnation
of the ... " IRON LADY " ... !?!

Ism's that keep minds imprisoned !

Prisons where ...
Black folk are living
Even when they're INNOCENT !?!

Liverpools' Defence !!!

People who lack
good common sense

Street Violence !

Who act uncouth !

People who
Don't tell the truth !!!

Without Proof !!!

Men who seem
To be ..... Aloof ...........................

We're people too
What's wrong with you ?!?

Same sex fool
cos' that's not cool !

Those who won't
hear out my views
until my words
are proven true

Riddles that
have bogus clues

So am I getting through to you ?
Well yes or no i'll still be cool
by venting my anger with this poetry tool

Let's switch the script

Aren't YOU ANGRY TOO ?!?

cos' of judgments made
by people who
don't have a clue
what you've been through !!!

Write what you feel
But Please Be REAL !!!

I'm Not Preaching
I'm Just Cleaning

... CLOSETS ...
That in truth reveal
Anger that I sometimes feel

Before it's time for
My ... LAST MEAL ... !!!

But Before I Go ...

I've got to show
some things that people
may not know

I'm Angry Yes
But Feel God Blessed
To have the skill
To write at will

Expressing things
while others KILL !!!

Killing Defines

Am I Killing You
with this poetry ?

I Think NOT !!!

What do you think
just look around you

What have you got ?

DON'T Lie To Yourself !
Face The Truth !

cos' your very next breath
is ... Living PROOF ...
that words I write
may benefit you ???

Some of my words
Do Reflect ANGER !!!

But Anger Does NOT Define ME !!!

It's Love and Peace
I want to see !!!

This is when I'll feel more free
To write some ... " HAPPY Poetry " ... !!!

But Face The FACTS ...
This Society
But ... " JOY and PEACE " ... !!!

So I hope you can see
and will agree
why the Brother Big V
writes poetry

That In TRUTH Reflects

... " Why I Am Angry " ...

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