Lovely brittney


My lovely Brittney which i had at thirty-three,  I could never imagine the woman she'd be, My little doll with pretty eyes to see, Screaming all attention on me, She had a baby at fifteen  says it was her dream, Dropped out by her teens she says "school is not for me", Another baby at eighteen both boys no where to be seen, She lies and lies not without paying a fee, All she says is truly how she sees, She works the polls by night to pleasure dirty old men with glee, With white powder on her nose she says mom "i just wanna be young and free", Men never give her love they screw her over with ease, Her two little girls which she claims are so happy to be, Really two little dolls wishing they could flee, Maybe i failed my lovely Brittney, She sobs "you never loved me", I was a selfish young bee, Too many men she could never call daddy, Now my lovely Brittney is dead a year before her birthday of twenty-three,


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