The Motion of the Ocean is Not Cause to Gawk


My Body is an ocean

It is graceful and it is powerful
It is strong

I don't spend an hour a day running
so that mindless mannered men and women can gawk at my waves

I am a tsunami. 

One day I will crash and churn and scream and sing

and the next you'll be rebuilding your soul in the aftermath. 

People forget that I am an ocean

They tell me I am a whale

but my size is only a fraction of who I am really am


I am filled with ideas and love and thoughts

like the Pacific is filled with oil and fish and a dying ecosystem. 

My body is only an outward expression of who I am. 

The real waves I am making are not rolls of adipose tissue

But in this environment. I am a member of this community

My gospel is centered on the oil spills of humanity and the devastation of our coral reef. 

We are dying. 

If my body is a whale it is a killer whale because I am killing the idea that we are the center of this universe. 

there a million species of fish but only one species of human and we cannot handle that. 

There are people who are dying. Vast galaxies of people. 

Galaxies with stars and constellations as far as the eye can dream. 

They are oceans drying up with the drought of missed opportunities and 3 parts cruelty and intolerance. 

They are at the center where we pile our dead. . .because they were different

Because WE were different. 


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