Come, come, come with me

Come, come, come with me

Let’s embrace each other, 

seep into me.

It’s warm and deep.


But there’s something underneath.


There’s this place deep in our minds

Lot’s of sadness and desires

It’s a place we have forgotten

For we let not our minds be rotten


Come, come, come with me

Let yourself creep into me.


Imagine a forest so wide and deep

there’s monkeys and lions

crying and dying.

Fighting but shying away from liars who push you into briars then you feel you are on fire and you can’t inspire yourself because you tire from aching liars who push you into briars. 


Yes, yes 


There’s something underneath.

A place so deep 

we cannot see.


Come, come, come with me.

You’ve witnessed the monkeys

who wanted to be set free.


One day,


will find their way.


Out of the forest 

into the clearing,

where we can see them.

and would rather beat them

until they return to the forest

and come back again all the morest: angry, frightened, revengeful, than beforest.


They were once small, nothing at all.


You pushed them away, 


and now they’re grown

and ready to be shown.


I guess you could say,


There’s something underneath.



It’s way too deep, 

you’ve let it seep.

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