Trust In My Love

You seem to put me in the same category as your LAST

and hardly give me a chance bc of what happened in the PAST..

But how can you expect love come already stable and ADJUSTED

when it seems like no matter what I do I can't be TRUSTED?

I understand to some extent of what you feel INSIDE

but don't let assumptions feed off of the pain you HIDE.

I'm here with open arms to keep you close to ME

bc I know the pain of your heart though it's not clear to SEE.

You replaced the pain my heart held and softened the STONE

and since I know we're meant to be by the love that you've SHOWN..

I'll do whatever it takes to prove that i'm not like the REST

I wana start with your heart so I clean up the MESS..

And though someone else damaged your HEART..

I don't care bc my love for you doesn't have a FINISH,

Just a START.

No matter what happens, nothing and no one can change my love for YOU

together our love is so strong that right now I have the faith to say "I DO."




Wow this is good. I actually read this a couple of times bc by the time I reached the last line I was filled with so much hope! I'm sure I'll read it a few times more but I just wanted to say this was great!


Thank you so much. I'm glad that my poem does something for you.

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