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They say that love cant exist without hate, but i dont find that to be true
The hatred is strong
Strong enough to stop the love from entering my heart
You said you loved me
You said you'll die for me
You said you'll protect me from anything and everything
But we all know thats bull shit
You never loved me
You never cared about me
You never felt anything for me
And now i look like the Slut you told me not to believe
I hope you're happy
You've killed the child inside
The one you have repaird with your kind words
The kind words that fooled me into love
Never should have listened to my heart
The heart that has been broken many times and never learnd
Thats why im "the broken"
The broken who loves so much
The broken who gets used by many
But now im The Borken who you will wish you have never met
Im sorry my love but you've crossed a line that i would never dare
I hope you sleep well tonight cuz i will be there
Ready to kill
Ready to spill blood
Ready to see that one face that i thought i knew go blue
The knife i hold in my had speaks to me
It tells me to show no mercy
But my heart says otherwise
As much as it pains me to say
I still love you
These hot burning tears are a reminder of my love for you
So get ready, get set, go!
Cuz if i find you, i fear the worst
So go and run away as fast you can before i get to you
Cuz in the end...
Well lets just say it wont be a pretty sight

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