Solace in Rage


Take solace in rage

for fear is blinding

and hate is cruel and useless

These things make me wonder...

About the poisons I have within.

So many...all of which were listed

Rage for those who deserve death

tempt me and make me tense

and push me to the edge.

For those who have no excuses for what they do...

who feel life is disposable until it actually ends.

Then suddenly feel guilty for those they pushed to the end.

All the people who claim to love life...

they forget a part, though...

they love only some life...only THEIR life.

I take my solace from rage.

Fear only blinds...

so have no fear of predilection.

I will not censer myself.

This world...damnation.

Nothing more then war.

Hate begets hate

blood-shed begets blood-shed

and this so-called wonderful world is dying before you

yet no one seems to care...

because they fear the very thing they are causing.

Oh, the blind and bitter truth.

Fear causes blindness.

Hatred causes no more then it's name.

And bares no reason

Or cause that's meaningful

Hatred makes war...useless war.

If you keep killing then there will be nothing left...

but a marble face of memory, standing cold under all wind

and blood-stained hands never come clean.

Hatred has no use but cruelty.

So sit a long and jealous vigil

for those who you caused death to

with no more then sharp words and

barbed taunts you thought nothing of.

The silent vigil you caused

and the life you thought nothing of until it's end

when you finally find it precious

and you care so suddenly

for a life you thought nothing of during it's breathing time.

The untimely death you caused

with a cup of poisonous words you placed to their lips

and forced them to drink.

Yet show up like you've always loved the person.

Why only now?

I can no longer bare being

the one that hangs so precariously on this edge.

I do battle with demons in and out.

As I vainly seek distraction from this life

which I do live so hidden.

But who can say which venom...

will take my soul from this body...?

This so temporary, fragile vessel...

as I try to find truth night...

and my demons mass against me.

The bells toll as another tragedy

takes the streets and causes care

that wasn't there before.

Oh, the blind and bitter things...

The ever straining ropes that keep us here

cut slowly by the pseudo involvement in our lives

and the case of the fake people who pretend to care

only after it's to late.

And I'll take my solace in rage

you take it where you find it...

but 'tis what keeps me here...

for revenge has a sweetness no one can deny...


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