Hope For A Fatherless Child


You were suppose to be the first man in my life.

You were suppose to tuck me in bed and wipe the tears that I shed.

You were suppose to hold me the day I was born.

Call me your princess your bundle of joy.

You were suppose to be there to meet every need.

To teach and guide me to strive for my dreams.

And any time I felt alone or scared, you were suppose to say it be ok daddy is here.

You were suppose to kneel by my side and teach me to pray.

Watch me grow from your baby to a mother some day.

But daddy was something I only knew in my dreams.

It hurt me so bad that you didn't want me.

I tried being bad, what did I have to do so you just be my dad.

My dreams were simple I didn't ask very much.

Just pick me up when I'm down and tell me I'm loved.

Tell me a story as I layed down for bed.

Whisper I love you with a kiss on the head.

Your little girl hurt she cried many nights.

But she not without hope she still have God by her side.

She still has a Father that never gives up.

Who still calls her princess and wraps her in love.

See my Father a king dad and he's your Father too.

So dad I forgive and I love you and God loves you to.

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Wow what a wonderful message, very beautifully written...

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