Mon, 04/08/2013 - 22:16 -- hobergm

Words are power.
They can be used for good.
But when words are awful,
they can be used for bad.

Every morning,
I wake up to hear
My brother's taunting,
and my sister's tears.

It breaks my heart.
She should know that she is beautiful.
He calls her terrible names,
And she thinks she is a "loser."

But it's not fair.
It's not fair for my brother.
It's not fair for my sister.
But they know no other.

My brother has Asperger's syndrome.
The kids at school make fun of him.
My sister thinks she is worthless
Because he tells her what other kids tell him.

I love my brother.
I love my sister.
I'm not a poet
And I know it.

But please listen to me.
Don't let anyone ever be a bully.
No one is worthless.
Everyone is priceless.


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