The Alpha's Trap

Mon, 06/25/2018 - 13:56 -- ShikaL

There are many ways to be afraid

Ways to hide in fright

No- one there to help

Nor hear the screams in the night

Cower down in fright

Hide behind your teddy bear

He's coming just for you

He sees you standing there


He's been watching you for some time now

Stalking you while you sleep

You couldn't see out of his vision

His vision: so deep

He watches you through the continents

He sees your every move 

He says he says it's the debt he owes to you

But I know that's not true.


I see the way he watches you

Lust is in the air

Have you encountered

His eyes on their daily journey?

The way that they linger on your face

Committing it to memory

Like you're his last gulp of air

I wish he deserved you!


He can be a bit possessive 

Stubborn and angry 

He says he wants your welfare

He wants what's best for you

I don't trust him as far as I can throw him 

You don't know what he's been 

Or what he's been doing too...


I don't know what's with my wolf

She's eager to meet him

To let him touch her body

WAIT A MINUTE... it's mine...

What is happening to me?

I've got to keep control

He's my rival 

Not my lover

Not much to assume.





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