Chained to you

You look at me with that smile

makes me feel like I can run for a mile,

till you trip me with your sexual statements and volgarity,

you hooked me in the beginning, made me feel special

but I had a lot wrong with my mental focuse.

This train of confusion keeps going and going, 

I say " I care" or " I love you",

and you tell me what I should wear ( don't I look like a slut) or I wanna fuck you,

you'd think I'd get the message sooner, but I'm a slave to his wants,

and he's fulfillment to my love,

I'm chained down, he's out the impound and free as a dove,

"WHO AM I? " I say 

"I DONT KNOW" I reply (I'm going insane)

oneday I'll be set free,but till then I'm chained to you.




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