Hush Hush... Whisper Whisper


United States
40° 19' 14.052" N, 80° 5' 13.2576" W

The Earth shattering silence that chokes the life from me
A Secret hidden deep inside
Needing a place to hide.
The Exposure... Hush Hush...
No one sees but the ghosts haunt during the light.
Darkness of loneliness and unacceptance from yet...
A Secret hidden deep inside.
Needing yet another place to hide.
The scars on a heart feeling them singeing the skin of my sleeves.
Pain feeding the misery pushing hurt deep in the veins.
The Blood contaminated which pushes all away.
The secrets hiding deep inside
Finally finding their place to hide
While pain screams to be let outside.
Falling away? Is that what I must look forward to...
Hush hush...
Skin feeling unclean, while the heart is nothing but shards stabbing the once whole chest.
The numbness friending me when in need.



This poem comes from my heart when I was in a dark place. I need people I could relate to, people who I can open up to. My secrets and scars was the story of my sexual assault and the death of a close friend. I was falling apart and this poem is from that place I was in. It's the essence of where I was. And what I have overcome.

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