You're crying again...

You're crying again...

tears comin' down your face

You're sobbing, almost in tears, all in tears,

depressing, or anger

hitting your fists against the wall

tellin' yourself it won't happen again,

but it does, over and over again,

You're drowning and you need a lifeguard,

someone to take your hand and pull you out of there,

but you'd rather you not,

for the one's that smile the most-

                   are often the saddest.

People don't like to ask for help-

                   even the one's who need it.

You need it, for this cycle?

It tends to repeat itself.

You need to try, you need a way out,

Someone will help you, but only if you ask for it,

Gather all your strength and ask, just ask.

For noone will save you in this world if you don't show that you need help-

otherwise, you'll just be sittin' there,

rockin' here,

And you'll be cryin' again.


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