All Bled Out


Bleed it out

Like a snake bite,

The venom that roils and riles

In my blood

That rages and boils

Bleed it out,

Run 'till my feet

Tickle with flames.

Search for strength,

'Till muscles cry tears

Of lactic acid.


Release and Control

Relief is found,

Like a reunion

With a long lost friend.

Control is touched,

I caress it and try to learn it.

It feels electrifying

And like a current shocking my frame,

I can't let go.

When the current gets cut

Control is lost.

Once more I have to start from scratch,

Finding more outlets,

So I can bleed more of it out,

This illness of anger.



Desire for release grows everyday

As I witness insipid stupidity, silent suffering.

Illness' omnipresence,

There are causes and effects,


To fury.


Fear and Fleeing

As I bleed out all these snake bites,

All these burning bites and piercings,

I wonder what else I'll bleed out

Along with all of this rage-venom.

Bleed it out.

Bleed it all out.

And may your eyes

Never search over your back.


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