breaking silence



i speak for those who have lost their courage to speak 

for those whos words run to the tip of their tounges just to retreat back to the back of the throats back to where they came from 

i will speak for those who have put locks and chains on their mouths becuase the world has silenced them 

Like i had silenced myself

i will cry with those who cry alone and turn our tears into rain to grow gardens full of our stories 

and take our sorrows and turn them into smiles in to sunshine sun-shining down on our gardens 

making our stories into inspirations for those who know nothing of our trials and tribulations

let my seal the cracks along your image where life has broken you down 

reaching out to other as my words reach out to you forming arms to hold you telling you that you no longer have to be ashamed nor afraid to tell your story because we have beautiful stories amazing testimonies and i will no longer be ashamed of the story god has given me to tell and you

you will no longer be afraid to tell the story god has given you to tell and

 toegther well build gardens tall and wide enough to reach out to others where they hurt

because sometimes people just need to hear your story then they will no longer 

let the world silence them because they will be able to look the world in there eyes and say no becuase the lord gave me a mouth to speak 

and they will speak as if everyday were a battle heavily armed with the knowledge of pain 

loading bullets of love and happiness with grenades of hope and faith at their sides 

they will speak as if their words were sledgehammers knocking down the trials of life 

and from there well watch our gardens rise over horizens

grow tall enough to kiss the sky and grow wide enough to hug the equator

once i ,we ,you, me, learn to speak

~take off your mask


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