The Boy I Left Behind

He lays there,
Without a care.
No other word to be said,
Except he’s dead.
His face once so beautiful,
His lips now sag from lack of love.
I wait in line
After the service
To say my not-so-ready goodbye.
I tell my friends I can go alone.
I stand there,
Skin and bone,
My clothes now sag from lack of love.
A giant bubble rises from my stomach,
A knot of dread more horrid then Hades himself.
My dam bursts, start crying,
I guess I don’t have the strength of a lion.
Poetic image: lover sobbing at the coffin of her Romeo.
I try to kiss the poison from his lips,
But his mother quickly whips
Me away from our lost boy.
We cry together:
Forever bound,
by our lost boy.


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