My Tears


Why cant you see

That he is the one

The one for me

The choices I make

Are the right ones for me


I wish you would give yourself the chance

To show everyone

What I see in you

So I wont have to hear

Leave him alone

Dont talk to him

There are better people


The you I see

deserves much more than you think

You are the reason

For my tears

Tears of 




And sorrow


They dont see that

My heart






I try to

Play the role

Of macho man

But I cant

Not anymore


So as my tears fall

I wonder

Is it


Worth it?


How I long to be

Wrapped in your strong arms

To see you smile

And to know

Somehow it is because of me


It's hard to hold back

My love



All for and because of you


I really need you

To understand and trust me

Whan I say "Baby, I love you"

When I say "I want to be with you"

When I say "I am here for you"


I want you to see


Here I am

Prostrated before you

Humbling myself

Because I know that's what I must be

To make this work


I don't want our love

To die because

Of how everyone else

Want us to feel.

I want to know

How you feel

What you want

What you see when you look at me


I know you are

Avoiding and afraid of getting hurt

Afraid of the dispair

But I couldn't hurt you

I wouldn't

I want to love you

I want to give you my all


No one understands

Why I want to give

You all of my love

Why I want it to be you

That I marry

Have kids with you

Make love to you


I miss you so much

I miss our love

I miss the you that used to look at me

Touch me

For no reason at all

And then when I looked back at you

You wouldn't look away

You would stare back into my eyes

Or maybe kiss me


I remember when we were so shy

I remember breaking down each other's shell

And letting our love overflow between us

I remember the first time we kissed

I remember our first date

Our first dance


We used to be so happy

We used to care

We used to love each other

Now we both wallow in dispair

But it doesn't have to be that way


Is it really that hard

To let our love grow

To let our love manifest

To let it take flight

To rise to the heights of our ecstacy

Only to slow ride the hill down

When our time is over


I know that right now you are going through a lot

But baby so am I

I really need you to understand

And trust me

When I say

I want to be with you

More than anything that I have wanted

I love your ways

I love your smile

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