I am the weight that makes the ground beneath me


When I land on my feet.

I am the storms that plow through lands and tear

Right through civilization's seams.

I am the hail that plumets from the skies,

I race through the air like a shard

Of broken glass

Expected to damange

Upon impact.

I am the heat with which a fire licks

Your skin,

Leaving traces of ash and dust

And a burn that leaves a permanent touch

To always remind you of me.


I am the feel of the soil under my soles

As my toes settle into the land.

I am the wind that kisses the trees

Leaves departing

Forming illustrations in the breeze.

I am the rain that gathers in


Reflections recreated from a fractured horizon.

I am the warm embrace of a flame,


In the coldest, darkest, night.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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