I've tried to put the pieces together to figure out why I ever cared.
I think I tried fixing you, if I could do that simple task I would feel better.
I couldn't fix you and I wound up falling for you.
On the way down I started to lose myself
My values changed and so did my outlook on life.
I find it so crazy how one small human being can change a whole outlook and how someone feels.
Falling for you were never my intentions.
I just wanted the pain to go away.
You made it worse.
You opened the hole even bigger and took the pain and doubled it.
I learned something , a devil doesn't come in a cape with horns anymore.
He comes in a gorgeous guy with gorgeous eyes.
He lies to you and takes your happiness.
He steals your soul and rottens it with disgust and self-hate.
When he leaves, you wont be the same.
You'll find it harder to sleep at night .
You'll toss and turn and pray he's thinking about you.
The devil only comes for one thing.
That one thing is to take.
If I would of known this devil, I could of been prepared.
I would of known how to stop this empty feeling I have.
The drive I once had would still be there.
But he took it all and i'm still trying to re-gain it.
These things take time to get over.
The devil will never win this fight ever again...

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