Weave of Hate and Love

These days they're less likely to bleed through, us that is

It's immaculate how you say you love me but yet I cannot see it

I do not breathe it when we touch anymore, it is empty

I weave words into baskets to make a cornucopia of love

To show you that it is bountiful and everlasting

And yet when I ask to feel love wrapped around me I receive

The cold hands of dead trees and the ice that chills backs

Shivers that scream loneliness and a plea for separation

Separation over heartbreak

Separation over the cold sting of rejection.

A promise of affection that was never adhered.

A change in who you are and how you act, is this a play?

Because from what I understand there is no other cast

There is the chosen and that is you and me and if you cannot breath

Me in at night and promise me love from an endless bounty

Then my heart will become as cold as stone and as brittle as shells

My greatest fear is trickery and I can feel my nerves screaming

That you are going to play me like an instrument

A master of bait and strings and beats, and I am your slave

Simply because of an emotion in my brain that needs

To be in your arms at night due to them being a part of you

You promise me the summer and tell me not to worry about the money

You promise me the future, the marriage, the beginning of our lives

But what about the now? What about the present at our feet

For we are a tragedy made up of lines and conclusions

For you are my Anthony and I am your Cleopatra

But we are not in the present, we are not thinking, only feeling

I try to be patient and my chains feel tighter with these days

I try to be nice but my tongue is bitten more oft than not

Our days are numbered because they are our days.


Sit down and weave the basket with me, and fill it with fruit once again

Just like you did once before, just like us to be together

Do not let this harvest grow from tears but from our hearts

Kiss our wounds and understand them, let us breathe each other in

And love.


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