Bound in a Paper Town

Wed, 06/11/2014 - 17:23 -- tgarcia



“Poor little paper doll, are you lost?

Run on back, before you exhaust.

This city is no place for a paper doll like you.

Go on..shoo, before you start crying boo hoo.

Yes..You with those big doll eyes,

and with the big bows that are tied.

Run on home to your little paper town.

Run home, where you are forever bound.”


The paper doll looked up with her sad doll eyes,

and walk back to the town of lies.

Back she goes to the little paper town,

Back to where she can never be found.

Back to the silent,

and back to the violence

Back to the place that which fills her heart with disgrace,

and brings tears to that perfect doll face.

Back to the town of the same boring routines,

and paper bullies ever so mean.

Back to the food made of plastic,

and dolls so old their considered classic.

And back she goes to the doll house, and the dull paper town.

Where the little paper doll will be forever bound.


Tired of all the lies,

and all the paper skies.

She just wants something honest,

she is tired of being modest.

She tried to escape in her little paper car,

but she didn't know that it would be so far.

She is desperate to escape that little paper town,

but can not go when trapped in the paper ground..

Always in circles, she goes round, and round

back to the paper town where she is forever bound.

Guide that inspired this poem: 



John Green's book entitled Paper Town inspired me to write this poem:)


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