Let me put something into perspective for you

I'll try to say it a few different ways

First, I'll define it for you

I'll spell it out for you.

Asexuality is real.

It's not mitosis or meiosis

This is not single cell reproduction

It is a legitimate sexuality

In which the person who identifies as it

Does not enjoy, is incapable of, or is not interested in

Sexual matters or activities.

They are not attracted to people in that primal way.

Basically, intercourse is not the center of the universe

Or even the most distant galaxy.

It's one of those dead planets that have

Floated away into the aether,

Never to be seen again.

They aren't a visiting comet

Or a shooting star that zooms by every so often,

It's just not there.

It's not on our bucket lists.

It's not on our Christmas lists.

It's not our dream gift.

It's not our dream date.

But today's media portrays it as everyone's perfect, ideal activity.



TV shows






Comic books

Social media

It's everywhere

And those ignorant bystanders in the upper echelons

Don't give a crap about the 1% minority

The minority of people like me.

What will it take to prove that

Cross pollination isn't the only way to live?

Many plants self pollinate and that's not even in my interests.

I don't care if it's polyps or seeds or pollen or cells

I don't want to hear it

I don't want to see it

I don't want to read it

I don't want to take a poll about it

I don't want to take a quiz about it

I don't want to be a part of a reproductive study

I don't want to experience its unpleasantness

I don't want it.

I don't ask for it.

I don't dream of it.

I don't think about it.

I don't write about it.

I don't watch it.

I don't read it.

I don't listen to it.

I don't.

I just don't.

Why can't all the incapable, inconsiderate, imbeciles

Swallow their pride and their sense of being elite

And acknowledge our gray and purple flag?

We are fighting and waving our striped banner

But we are pushed aside.

Shoved into the dusty ground of the endless battlefield

Our own brethren turn against us

Claiming us to be fakes and phonies

This is not Salem

We are not witches

We are not a plague

Yet we face injustice

Each day we suffer through heinous trials and judgments.

How dare you people not come to realize not everyone

Falls, falls for the teasings of the mainstream

Just like all you "normal" and "sane" people

Strap me into a white jacket and a plush room

If you so wish

At least I won't have to see your uncaring ugly faces

The padded walls and silver buckles won't giggle over

Cheesy sexual innuendos or a "he-said, she-said" joke.

I won't have to hear rappers spitting stories of how many girls they banged

How many drunken girls they lured to their dungeons

All of them most likely fictional

I won't have to read about all the things vampires do when they're alone.

No sparkly skin on skin

None of this elementary fanfiction from the tweens who haven't even experienced puberty

No more series ruined

No more books I have to slam to the ground.

If the outside world is already so cruel and unreasonable,

An asylum would be heaven.






(This is a poem explaining in simple, yet aggravated terms the sexuality known as asexuality from one who identifies as such. I specifically identify with the "sex-repulsed" sect of asexuality, hence my ranting against today's sex fueled media.   *Ace is a term or nickname used by those who identify as asexual.)





Guide that inspired this poem: 



This poem really spoke to me and inspired me to join this community of young writers. It blew me away that you would have the courage to speak about asexuality and speak about it well so that people can begin to understand it. People often call me Sheldon (The Big Bang Theory) in reference to my aversion to sex, but they do not understand that it is because I am asexual that I don't want to hear about it. I can definitely relate to your anger and love that you wrote a poem about it. Thank you for sharing this!


I'm so glad you enjoyed it! It's relatively hard to deal with being asexual. Even though it should be one of the easiest sexualities for people to wrap their heads around, people just can't seem to accept the idea of not being sexually attracted to anyone or not wanting to have anything to do with sex. Today's media is so overun with oversexualized everything, I'm glad you could at least find this poem to relate to.

It made my day to know that I could inspire someone else. It's something I've had to deal with for a while now and it seems like the only way to get the words out is through stepping out of your comfort zone. A summer program I went to really helped me with that and accepting that this is who I am.

If you need any resources or want any answers to any questions you might have, try looking up ACEN. They are an online community and resource center for asexuals and those wanting to learn more about it. I found them incredibly helpful and uplifting.


Thank you for reading!


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