The Judge and Jury

Are you so invested in the easment of your own internal quarrel

that you've gone so far as to project your disposition on the fate of others?

Have you thusly desposed of the morals taught by mothers?

Maybe your agony could be better expressed in ways less oral.

Why are we to bear the weight of a mutual suffering?

I think it not so riteous for equally distributed gloom.

Go and fight your own battles- face your own doom.

Do not taint my peaceful heart with a battle left buffering.

And have you so forth made your case?

Do you know who is to blame for darkness?

Maybe less blaming would lead to a lightness.

I think that a better disposition for the human race.

So resolve your own struggles.

I will not partake in a marriage of  my peace to your accusations.

I will not give birth to heartache as it's reincarnation.

This world deserves truth not quibbles.

Before you point at me.

It would be best to know you,

and to be rid of your demons too.

Justice the court will see.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community


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