She is Crying



this connection to the earth

music under the soles of my feet

i walk on air that is heavier than a stone

heavier than my heart

angel wings

torn and bruised

i used to fly

and now i am land-bound

with chains around my ankles

i inhale that petrichor

that smell of the sky raining tears

it is one i cannot find in more places

it is one that is lost

except in the collar bones of my lover

i am an earthen pixie

i am made of ravaging rivers

flowing blood through blue veins

i have sunlight in my eyes

i carry the globe inside my heart

She has always been kind

my mother earth

she has always been kind

when he took all that my body gave to offer

when man used his clumsy fingernails to hold my hair



against his skin

She carried me

in her somber arms

to healing

and when man used his fire

that she provided to him

to ransack her trees

when he took all her many children away from her

that was the last of Petrichor

those were the last of her tears

for her oceans are flooding

her seas are rising

our mother is angry

she is raging with her original hearth

she is broken

her skin

once burning amber

is now brittle and hard

she is war-torn

she is portrayed as savage

this goddess

this mother

who has given all that she can

and her body is now raped



and all man will do is

dig into her womb

and pray

that she









This poem is about: 
Our world


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