Child of Armor

Fri, 06/28/2013 - 13:14 -- Monai

There has been times since I've been young

I wanted to give up because I just couldn't go on

Seen a lot of things I really shouldn't

Wanted to run but I reall couldn't

I wake up each morning like I wasn't crying last night

Put on all my armor an gear up for this fight

It's a battle I know all too well

I wish someone woul wake me up from this hell

I sit in the corner sititing all alone

This is the only true happiness I've ever known

I pray that one day all the pain will be gone

I'll live the life I was destined all along

I'll wash away the bad memories

My dreams will no longer be fantasies

No one will ever know about this pain I hide

It;s locked up tight way deep down inside

Feeling so alone in a crowded room

Emotions deep enough to scoop out with a spoon

Oh how I would love to get away

Be at peace at night when I lay

God save me from this misery

Help me be the person that I'm ment to be


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