Best Friend


When I first met you

I was determined to be your friend

Everyday I'd come over

Just to see you again.

I'd do the sneakiest shit

To see if you would smile

It's the most fun I've had

In a fucking long while.

Then one night we kissed

And you didn't walk me home

I first thought 'What the fuck?'

But hey, I'm used to walking alone.

So one thing led to another

And it shouldn't have happened that way

I remember saying 'not now'

But shit happened anyway.

By then the line was crossed

No way of taking it back

I thought maybe it'd be okay

Now look what happened to that.

It's like every fucking time

Waht the hell is wrong with me??

You're just like the rest

I should've seen it coming.

When you didn't ask for my number

Or cared to just say hey

Now I really regret that shit

Every fucking day.

But whatever it's my fault

There's no one else to blame

I expected to be treated special

When I'm nothing but the same.

I just wanted to have a friend

That no matter what, would stay

I guess since we went down that road

You bitched out and walked away.

Thanks a fucking lot, really

For being like the others

Fot being such a great friend

For really screwing me over.



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