Thu, 07/25/2013 - 20:13 -- jejuna


My dearest

what do you see in me?

what do you feel when you touch my skin?

does your blood swell like the tide in your veins? Do you hear the ocean in the conch of my ear?


I see nothing when I see you. I see right through you. You are glass to me, transparent. You are smoke and light wrapped in cling-film. I touch you and you break.


Did they tell you I was hard to love? Did they warn you about my foreignness? Well, you are alien to me, my darling. I look upon you as a martian would: how strange this man who dies every night and is resurrected each dawn. Is he immortal? Is there a cross beneath his bed?


Have you ever seen the 3 am starlight blue-gray and cold, or are you only alive in sunlight and I only in shadow?


Did they draw cages in the sand and say “she cannot touch you inside these lines.”

Did you laugh when I crashed through the bars like a tidal wave? I am not easy to love, I promise. But honey, if you wanted easy you'll find her in your wallet. 



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