The End


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I swear I don’t have a gun

This game was only fun, but it’s over now

And somehow, we have to leave this place

Leave it far behind, where the sun doesn’t shine

Where ends meet and part again, our lives intertwined

Whose to say we can’t run into each other again?

After all, you’re only a friend, but that means I could forget you all over again
You’re just a phase of my life that seems to kill me over time

I’ve been here once before, never wanting anything more

Anything from you and all the confusion you put me through

So with a strong heart broken, and unforgiving words spoken

I lay to rest upon the table, unstable with tears falling like a broken faucet

Drip after drip after drip and nothing to stop it

The cold grip upon a choice to enjoy what I have or throw it all away

If I stay, what do I look forward to at the end of the day?

No more kisses and hugs, no more reasons to love

Throw it down the drain, no pain and feelings worth savoring

All is forgotten and everything that brought them

I swear I don’t have a gun……



I suffer from bipolar disorder and I wrote this poem in a bout of severe depression. I've learned new ways to cope with my feelings and have taken steps to improve the quality of my life. I am now a second-degree seeking student with big dreams for the future!

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