I remember your smile,
The way it would light up your face.
How your laugh would sound,
And sing throughout my body.
I remember your anger,
And how it would scare me.
The way you'd get sad
And beg me not to be afraid of you.
I remember your tears,
And the moisture on my finger when I'd wipe them.
How I could always make you laugh,
Despite all of your pain.
I remember the days we had,
And the perfect joy I felt with you.
I harnessed every moment,
And cling to them now.
I remember the day I lost you,
In perfect, greusome detail.
More pain than that day,
I have never before felt.
I remember everything about you,
because my memories are all that's left.
You are gone now,
And I'm powerless to reach you.

This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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