Cold Heat

“Cold Heat”
A"cold heat" is a comfortable burden.
To a pleasant time, it's almost a virgin.
Never considering how it affects your smiles,
Or never trying to make it worth your while.
A constant sting at the back of your soul,
And a random whip of something icy-cold.
It's enough to spin your world in a spiral of gloom,
and have you anticipating happiness" bloom.
All your fears and worries are incomparable.
In this “cold heat," life is unbearable.
Have your ever been engulfed in a sheet of ice;
And your mind rolls like three blistering dice?
Random outcomes from the delerious heat,
Leaves your heart searching for its next beat.
life is frozen in the hole of time,
We move with “fast pace and work” on the mind.
Straining and winding, only to rest,
And save face with those who know you best.
A “cold heat” forces flamethrowers of chills.
It builds a similarity to what’s fake and what’s real.
How can you feel both, you ask?
Take my hand and we’ll unveil this mask.
It’s a circus of freaks, starring you.
A player in this game of déjà-vu.
Wake, walk, work, sweat, and sleep;
A daily routine in this chilly heat.
And the single way of remaining sane,
Is to book a ticket on this crazy train;
And survive the ride of a lifeless still,
Until it’s over and you seal the deal.
You won’t notice how strong you feel;
Or how this voyage alters your appeal.
Cold or hot there are no in-betweens.
Lost and confused in these reoccurring dreams.
The best solution to beating this game
Is to swallow your pride and enjoy the pain.
Though, sometimes you have to accept defeat,


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