Echoes of Her Soul


She silently gilded across the moon reflecting sand
The dreadful night everything was taken
The torture, the torment and the pain
Her heart ached…ached for him
As her eyes looked to the heaven’s above
Rain fell onto her skin
The tears she could not shed
She felt the memory slice through her
Like the cold, icy blade that ended her life
The whispers of wind sang a solemn song
Of love, life and sorrow
One she could never know again
Her smile buried beneath the mask
The mask she now wore
Reflecting the cheated life she once roamed
For when she opened her mouth to speak
The song of her spirits life rang
Rang through the dismal nights
She lingers among the rocks and caves
The last place that stolen kiss was shared
Her hand slipped from his
The knife of death kept so close to her side
Was drawn up and placed over her heart
She looked in his eyes one last time
Took that final breath and closed her eyes
As the blade pierced her skin
Horror covered both of them as her life slipped
Slipped to the depths of the ocean below
To the echoes of her soul

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