tremendous and snarling

the glinting of teeth

who once called you darling

now comes from beneath

the twisted endeavors

of a lover turned sour

like a fistful of feathers

left to burn out the power

leaving the roadkill

alone without grace

disregarding the fact

that it once had a face

this is the dishonor

of a soulmate gone mad

pinned as a goner

each dream you both had

thinking of ways

that your mind can forget

as you’re sinking and swaying

the dance of regret

do not underestimate

the lover unfurled

for they are the magistrate

cursing your world

tread lightly and close

to the lover you’ve scorned

for they meditate nightly

on your downfall, be warned

some cannot bear

the mistake of the couple

it tears in like a stake

through a chest once so supple

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Our world
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