Frustration and anger spew out, an intense fiery aura that surrounds me,

and through the halls of the school I find myself stalking,

        eyes wide and smoke billowing out in invisible clouds that all know are there

I care not for the intrigued looks of others, nor for the fact that they have seen me

        seen me like this far too often,

Why do I care if many may avoid me because of what they've noticed


I do not. If I am angry it is just and it is righteous,

        whether or not my fellows agree is an entirely different matter

To those I chose to tell, my words spill out of my mouth, hot as magma and laced with acid so strong,

        the one that has angered me dissolves just by overhearing, just by being in the room

Precious few withstand this, and they are tough as nails, with their own tempers to match


I have lost friends because they've melted in these moments,

        the venom was too potent for them.

Often they are like newborn babies, soft and pink with no wear and tear to create callouses.

        people who cannot deal with true anger because they have never worn it themselves


The skin of the scarlet red dragon surrounds me,

        refusing to leave me, and I am stuck again in this emotion

One day, I will find a way, I will find someone, something,

        that strips it from me,

Turning me back to the caring person I am underneath.

        The one who never wanted to be controlled by the dragon in the first place.

                The one who hides the pain behind the hide of a beast.

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