I'll quarantine my heart

Keep it close but keep it far

From anyone

Who might say they love me

You should have been my cure

Your medicine was never pure

So I'll put on my mask

You're floating above me

Take me in to quarantine


Damn I feel so sick

Ain't getting' over it

Doc ain't got no meds to

Keep me going

You're touch, my antidote

Was poison, I didn't know

Oh please, prescribe me something

Keep me going


I've never felt so lost

So deep inside these halls

Don't tell me that you care

'Cause you were never there

This is too much to take

Don't know what's real and what was fake

And here I testify to

Keep me going


Jesus Christ I need a drink

Yes that means exactly what you think

'Cause now you're not around to

Keep me going



You came and saved my soul

I doubt that you would ever know

I finally decided not to die

Now I question the reason why


The doc keeps giving me pills

But I won't take them

I feel my heart growing still

Is this my freedom?

I want so bad for you to come back

That's too much to demand

I'd tell you how this feels like a bad dream

But you'd never understand


You'd never understand


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My community


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