Good Again

Thu, 08/15/2013 - 21:57 -- PShah

The emotions

Bubble up to my throat and

Foam spills out from my chapped, bleeding lips and

Nobody knows and nobody will know the fact that I 

My breath comes out in strings with messages about

The stresses of life


My pen knows and

She comforts me and hugs at the callouses on my fingers and

She tells me to write She tells me to write She tells me to write so I

write and the anger,

The frustration,

Cools down into a molten liquid at the base of my stomach,

And I

Somehow feel at peace and my

Thoughts straighten themselves out and

I know everything will be okay as I

Pour out my feelings into this paper bowl and

My ink provides the meal and

I eat them again and share it with others and

The feelings subside and

Everything is

Good again.



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