Summer of 2012

They're sisters

for each other, but still bicker

Family that once was


Then the summer of 2012 comes around

An eleven-year-old girl

still in the world of happiness and dreams

But her older sister makes a decision

and tears the family into shreds of paper


A lie so big, her world was hit with a mass extinction

All life had died

but still, she tried to prance around

as if the dinosaurs had survived


A year passes

The screams at night and trips to the ER become normal

She knows it's not true, but fear still courses through her veins

Prayers to God go unheard

and her faith falters


Now she interviews with lawyers

Questions of that day in the summer

asked to relive it by the women in the room

But the unexpected happens and tears run down her face

She's unable to speak through her sobs


All this because of a lie she couldn't play along with


The seed of pain her sister gave her blossoms into anger

becoming a ticking bomb that explodes in the dark


Years of self-blame wasted

on a sister that manipulated for her wants and needs

who spat out the words "I don't care"

when her young sibling was crying sprawled on the floor

unable to listen to the faked mental breakdowns she orchestrated


She was no longer a child

The world she lived in no longer let her be


I won't tell the full story

but the girl did learn:

Having family from blood

didn't always mean love


This poem is about: 
My family


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