But Didn't I?

Did i suceed?

or did i go blind?

because of the greed

i got tears in my eyes 

but no longer I see 

and tears eventually dry 

so suck it up you fiend

its not as if you died 

but didn't i? i mean didnt i?

but as all thoughts recede 

 the wounds begin to bleed

and as they begin to seep 

i bitterly start to weep 

awake, wishing i could sleep

or fall into something peaceful and deep

so.. tell me, didn't I?

didn't i die?

well i excepted defeat

didn't i ever imply 

that the expectations you set were much too high?

or maybe i was just off beat

 the only way to meet them was to grow wings and fly.

but the lies you sold me were bittersweet 

you made me think that i couldnt defy 

and one day sucess was guaranteed 

but no i see it was all a lie 

a goal that no one would ever reach 






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