Another Night..

Sun, 09/29/2013 - 16:19 -- vanni

Another night in sorrow,

In pain.

Fighting, yelling, and arguing,

Seems like it never ends.

The simplest things seems like they become more complex.

Tension grows.

Love dozes off, disappears,

Hatred then appears.

Friendship ruined.

Trust broken.

Close, but distant..

Every day, by the minute, drifting apart.

This battle has no end.

War it has begun,

But there will be no victory,

sides will be pitied.

Seems better to be off on our own,

For our survival.

It seems like we can't stand each other.

By hearing a voice you already want to explode.

With anger you speak,

Truly, what comes out is stupidity.

Not conscious of your words.

The adrenaline of the anger that's what makes you speak.

Not thinking, only of what you will say next.

The next offense, a new regret.

Not aware of what is taking place.

The hurt and suffering this is all causing.

Giving sleepless nights to others.

Scaring the innocent.

Bringing pain.

Not physical, but emotional.

Not sure of what to do,

Hush up or make a move.

Seems to me this night will never end..

All I want to do is sleep away,

Make everything disappear.

Closing my eyes, but I can still hear.

Try to make it as this was never here,

Nothing is happening, everything is fine.

I'm not a fool I can't feed myself with that lie.

Something is happening and everything is not fine, why lie?

I wish I could escape..


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