The Line of Morality

Thu, 12/21/2017 - 15:17 -- dnel123

Look to the line of morality.

Your mentality, lost from actuality

Where my red hand stands in a land you don’t understand

And you try to reprimand me? Listen, I demand!


Perhaps I am reticent, hesitant

I’m trying to prevent any scent of an argument.

My actions were intentional, maybe not conventional

The others did assent in consent, I cannot repent.


Was it wrong or right to spill?

I mean, the tea only made you ill, so chill

Another refill cannot fulfill the thrill, sit still!

It’s out of my own goodwill.


From your mischievous endeavors grew infamy,

Not planted by seeds belonging to me

See, causation is a power you control to behold

Outcomes that unfold as a carpet would unroll.


Okay, what's more to say?

When I've already wasted my breath away

In a fractious dispute designed to sway

The way you perceive my ostensible mistake.


Let's look to the line of morality, shall we?

And consider in actuality

Whose red hand is to stand banned from this land

Is it yours or mine? So the parley began.

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