Words That Describe by Adero Brooks

Mon, 12/19/2016 - 21:31 -- zipx249

JoyAngerLoveI fell in love with Jesus last yearMy Lord and SaviorDied for me, Rose...for meAnd I am in love with HimAnd He is in love with meWe are oneAnd I am free LoveJoyAngerI am angry Angry all the time nowMy Savior didn't do this but life just seems to work that waySuddenly the sky isn't so blueAnd songbird’s melody is not so prettySuddenly my best friend is my enemyAnd my enemy is the only one I can trustBecause I know they won't changeAnd it gets hard, to hard to rise every morningKnowing that only the realities of life await you the other side of that thick, wooden doorAnd you're angry... I'm angry because no matter what I do, no matter what I say, no matter what I thinkThe world won't changeAnd I won't conformBut that makes me the bad guy AngerLoveJoyBut it's alright, and it's okayBecause today is a new dayThe sky's a different blueThe bird has a new songAnd my Savior loves meAnd the cares of this world don't bother meAnd sunshine is at my back Now the world doesn't seem so bleakNow the fantasies don't seem so realNow I am...LovedSavedRemadeChangedAngryIrritatedWeakStrongWiseNaive Now I am…Free   

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Our world


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