How could she not understand
The pain she is causing her children
She believes that my father will take all of us
And he isn't holding us captive its our choice

She came barging into our home
Trying to take our brother away
And he did not want to leave
And she wanted to force herself in

So I defensively pushed her
And she dramatically fell
And I should've laughed at the exaggerated mess she has caused
All for one day of festivity
A day my brother chose to stay with us

And she brought my grandmother and her sister
To prove a point that we are the monsters
The monsters she painted us to be to other family

And she called the police
On who
On us
Her children
And she didn't realize
That she had cut the only thread left that linked us

And she lost for heavens sake
She lost because she was wrong
And we didnt because we were right
And it is my brothers decision
To stay or to go
And he stayed and I don't care how much it pained her

Because it was only going to be for a day
One day and then she'd have him

And I never once wanted to shred someone to pieces
For causing so much stress and heart ache to my brother
And now I did
She has made him afraid of her
And if she thinks she'll keep custody
She is in for more surprises

I don't know who she is anymore
Because she has called the police like I was just another random woman
And I stood there talking to the police
With full authority as the oldest

And an unsent letter my brother wrote apologizing to her
When he had no right to apologize for something that wasn't his fault

What a suffocate she is
Never deserved us

She never really fought for my sister and I
So I've lost the meaning behind what a mother should've been
And I cry frustration and anger away
As I lay myself to sleep
Whispering to myself
"I don't wish to wake up tomorrow"

This poem is about: 
My family


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